Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our little genre gets noticed

I'm always a little nervous when an august organ of the mainstream media runs a deep think piece on humble little game shows.

Our genre is raffish and disreputable. We don't want no stinkin' snooty critics offering deep thoughts on the world of buzzers and zonks. But the Los Angeles Times wakes up to the existence of game shows in this article that expounds on ABC's game night this summer. Why am I not surprised that a dinosaur newspaper takes note of a dinosaur broadcast network?

In fact, game shows are available all the time, on GSN or Buzzr or in syndication or even on the broadcast dinos. But ABC's night of Celebrity Family Feud, 100K Pyramid and Match Game is getting the media's notice. The LA Times article does offer a few nice factoids, like Alec Baldwin's $200,000-plus fee per ep on Match Game. But mostly it's pabulum about how game shows are comfort food TV with nostalgia value. Gee, no kidding.

One funny comment in the article refers to our supposed "era when quality scripted TV is abundant." Yeah, the latest eps of Scandal or Hawaii Five-0 rank right up there with Hamlet and Oedipus Rex.

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