Monday, June 20, 2016

NBC's July games

The fifth season of Hollywood Game Night will debut July 28, according to this newspaper story.

The item includes some ignorable political chatter, but it also quotes Jane Lynch as picking the ideal civvie contestant as somebody who is not starstruck or drunk. She also likes it if a fight breaks out or somebody tries to cheat. Sounds like good game show stuff to me.

As I've said before, I'm surprised that Hollywood Game Night is still around at all, given its anemic ratings as the fourth season cratered. In fact, NBC skipped the final eps of the fourth season because the numbers were so bad. I don't know if those omitted episodes will turn up in the summer run. Guess it depends on the news from Nielsen (duh). Who knows how long this summer experiment will last?

Hollywood Game Night is looking more than a little long in the tooth and grey in the hair. Wikipedia says the show has cranked out 49 eps over three years. I like the mindless fun, even if the pop culture obsession gets wearying. When NBC finally tires of the show for good, it might make a nice pickup for GSN.


  1. Odd premiere date - they'll premiere July 28, air two shows, then take two weeks off for the Olympics? That won't do anything to kill the ratings for the show... :)

    1. They've got to fill the summer months with something. The Olympics will interrupt everything on the network, after all.

  2. Hollywood Game Night has pretty much the same bonus round as the bonus round and has essentially the same format of Celebrity Name Game. Pyramid has the same format as Celebrity Name Game and it returns to TV on Sunday. WOnder if there'll be name categories on the new Pyramid?