Sunday, June 19, 2016

More Buzzr tie-ins to ABC's game shows

A while back I speculated that oldies diginet Buzzr would tie into ABC's Match Game remake.

We didn't have to wait for long. A press release from Buzzr just landed in my inbox about "new" eps of Match Game 73 on the subchannel. The new-to-Buzzr episodes start Monday, June 20 and run up to the debut of ABC's remake on Sunday, June 26. For good measure Buzzr will toss in celeb versions of Richard Dawson's Family Feud, to take advantage of Steve Harvey's celebfest also debuting its new season on June 26.

As noted before, Buzzr can't do much with Michael Strahan's remake of Pyramid because it's not a Fremantle format. Maybe they could run Password as "the forerunner of Pyramid where Bob Stewart decided to make everything the lightning round." Okay, that wouldn't work.

As the screenshot shows, the fashions on Match Game 73 look pretty insane nowadays. Even with the standards of the day, Gene Rayburn caught a lot of grief for the technicolor suit in the picture. He was unrepentant about his couture.

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