Saturday, June 25, 2016


Not all critics go deep-think when they write about game shows. Which is a relief.

Leave it to Entertainment Weekly to catch the right note of fun and frivolity when it comes to our little genre. This EW article about ABC's game night extols the virtues of "fun, silly, mindless television," a.k.a. game shows. In fact, the mindless meme can easily go too far. Jeopardy works anybody's mind a lot harder than Game of Thrones, after all.

But the article is right about the escape value of the Family Feud-Pyramid-Match Game combo debuting tomorrow night. Let's just play some goofy games for a while and forget about the troubles of the world. The author seems a little clueless about the length of the night - it's three hours, not an hour-and-a-half - but otherwise she gets the appeal of the genre.

One specific note: the author wishes Donny Osmond got the host gig for the Pyramid revival. Oh, she's after my own heart. Donnymid got trashed so unjustly in my opinion, because it dared to tamper with the sacred format. Six-in-twenty is better!


  1. Game Shows are not "mindless", far from it. In the right forms, they are some of the most intelligent forms of entertainment. Very "Mindfull, an smart. Especially Pyramid.

  2. Donnymid was stupidly canceled. I thought it still had solid ratings in season 2. I would like Donny to host another game show sometime in the future.

    Non related, but BuzzerBlog has a YouTube channel now and they posted some sneak peeks of the three shows. They even posted a snippet of the new Pyramid theme.

  3. He did host the UK version of Pyramid in 2007, and was in the running to host a new primetime version of Name that Tune at one point that never made it to the air.

    1. Also don't forget that Donny hosted the game show Identity in the UK.