Thursday, June 9, 2016

Lots of noise

Just watched the premiere of Winsanity, GSN's new show about numerical order. Which turns out to be more interesting than alphabetical order.

The premise is simple. A contestant has to arrange ten numerical facts from bottom to top. The facts are trivia items from pop culture and general silliness. How many Thriller albums were sold in the U.S., how many portable toilets exist worldwide, etc. If all ten facts fall into the correct order, the contestant and the studio audience win cash and various goodies. Like groceries and a car and gift cards and who numerically knows what.

Donald Faison (of Scrubs, most notably) hosts in an unrestrained manner. In fact, everybody in sight lets loose with nonstop cheering, yelling and all-round happy happy joy joy. Even the announcer, comic Kira Soltanovich, gets loads of camera time to urge the contestants on to greater glory.

Which is my main problem with the show. Amid all the hooting and hollering, the actual gameplay proceeds at the pace of a sedate snail. It took a half-hour to get through one contestant and ten facts, which meant plenty of loud filler. But Winsanity is not a lot slower than Millionaire, after all. And it's more fun.

UPDATE: Winsanity produces decent but not sensational numbers by GSN's current standards. 501K and 416K viewers for the two eps, with 0.10 and 0.08 18-49 ratings.


  1. So it's kinda like a numerical-order, way more fun and LOUD SCREAMING version of The Rich List?

  2. That's the impression I got before it aired. I didn't watch last night's episode, I wasn't really interested in this one.

    BTW: Don't forget the Money List too that GSN aired in 2009 for the Summer. That was like the Rich List.

  3. It's actually a solid, high-energy quiz. They are quite generous with the giveaways, too. Not my favorite GSN original, but it's fun.

  4. I was disappointed. Faison looked like he was forcing the excitement. The game has some illogical rules (if the contestant loses, the audience does too; a replacement contestant can win the grand prize with only one answer while the original contestant has to be perfect, etc.) And as you mentioned, the actual game is extremely slow paced.