Friday, June 3, 2016

Is sex in jeopardy?

A minor tittering has erupted on the game show Interwebs about a recent Jeopardy contestant.

Doctoral candidate Liz Miles took her interview time with Alex to tell us that Japanese men really do have sex. Since Japan has produced a number of new generations over the centuries, I didn't think this was in doubt. But it's always good to be reassured. Alex seemed a little flustered by the subject but managed to move on.

Sex on game shows has risen (sorry) to prominence with the constant catcalls about Family Feud's mildly off-color humor. This soggy complaint from AV Club is typical of the rants about "boner jokes" and other horrors. I'm a little surprised that the faux prudes - they're not really scandalized, of course, they just want to sound more noble than the rest of us - haven't bashed Craig Ferguson and the more than occasional blue notes on Celebrity Name Game.

But then hardly anybody watches Celebrity Name Game compared to Family Feud. Plus Craig has gotten a couple Emmys, which might protect him a bit from criticism. Meanwhile, Liz Miles lost her game on Jeopardy, so we probably won't hear any more chatter about Japanese sex on Alex's august quizzer. At least for a while.

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