Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hit parade?

A faux tweet noted The Wrap's opinion that ABC's 100K Pyramid reboot has a chance to be a hit this summer, at least compared to the Match Game rewind.

In an odd coincidence, the board formerly known as Matt Ottinger's agrees on the sanguine prospects for Pyramid. Of course, the oldies board is mostly impressed by how the format has apparently been preserved in amber, with hardly a touch to the classic Dick Clark version.

It's funny how the thread includes at least one swipe at Steve Harvey's Family Feud. It's just not a legal thread on the board without a dump on Steve. In fact, Pyramid's showrunners strongly hope that Mr. Harvey performs his usual Nielsen magic this summer, because his celeb version of Feud will lead into the Pyramid remake. (Don't bother looking for Game Show Forum to give Steve any credit if Pyramid gets good numbers.)

One poster is after my heart with a comment about Weird Al Yankovic's fine play on Celebrity Name Game. Weird Al is coming to Pyramid, and he can only help the show.

UPDATE: ABC tried a rerun of last year's Celebrity Family Feud on June 12. The results were encouraging. The repeat got 5.07M total viewers and a 1.2 18-49 rating against tough competition (by June standards). Maybe the Sunday game night will work when new eps start June 26.


  1. You lost me at the screenshot. I won't be watching a 14-rated Pyramid revival. U can inky imagine how TTTT and Match Game will be.

    1. I'll take this comment seriously, though it sounds like a joke. Anyway, I often watch TV-14 shows on Investigation Discovery and elsewhere. Somehow I've lived to tell the tale.

    2. Nobody cares what you think anyway. Ignore him people, he doesn't get it. What an idiot.

    3. EPG stands for.......Egregious, Pathetic, Goober. A troll, who is invalid and doesn't exist.

    4. I'll try out Pyramid, even if it has a 14 rating. It might be a tease and the show is PG for all we know.