Thursday, June 30, 2016

History lesson

Oldies diginet Buzzr keeps filling my inbox with press releases. That's fine with me. The e-mails give me something to write about on this blog.

The latest missive concerns the 75th anniversary of the first game show ever on American commercial TV. It was a July 1, 1941 broadcast of Truth or Consequences on New York's WNBT. Wikipedia (usual caveats) says that it was a one-time event. The show then went on a long TV hiatus until 1950, when it returned for a multi-decade run on network television and syndication.

To celebrate this U.S. debut of our little genre, Buzzr is running an all-day marathon of black and white classics tomorrow. It's the usual trinity: What's My Line, I've Got a Secret and To Tell the Truth. Wouldn't you know, one of those shows is alive and (fairly) well on broadcast TV as I type. Anthony Anderson is conducting the TTTT panel of lie detectors on ABC.

There were also a couple of WML tapings recently with the Second City comedy troupe providing the panelists and host. Nothing seems to have come of this effort, but we can always hope.


  1. Knowing Buzzr, it will be from THE SAME 40 episodes of WML from 1955. I'll stick with the superb YouTube channel.

  2. Posted a link to this post over at the WML Facebook group. :)