Friday, June 24, 2016

GSN bits and pieces

I'm lazy today, so I'll just repost some of my random musings from Game Show Paradise about GSN shows past and present...

Amazing Race started out as a demo hit for GSN and even got good total viewer numbers. But the network rapidly burned it out with insane overexposure. Back then GSN execs probably couldn't believe that any show on their network was getting measurable 18-49 ratings.

I was one of those who thought Dancing With the Stars would perform well on GSN. Shows what I know. Though to give myself a little credit, I also thought Harvey Feud would do okay on the network (it did).

Happened to see the 25K Pyramid ep this morning (June 20) on GSN. It was the first episode when the show returned to CBS on September 20, 1982. There were small differences in format and even gameplay from the more familiar eps later in the run. It was funny to hear Dick Clark explaining some of the rules in detail at the start of the new CBS run. Constance McCashin and Robert Mandan were the celebs.

Also, it's kind of nice that Chain Reaction is now at 1:00 PM Central. I can watch it right after Celebrity Name Game in my market. Now if GSN would only make some more Catherwood eps.


  1. Non related, but a Celebrity Family Feud rerun on ABC last night did reasonably well. 4.6 mil and a 1.1 in the 18-49s. It did better than the BattleBots premiere, which had a 3.8 million.

  2. Better, why not rerun the Catherwood episodes along with the Lane episodes during the afternoons? Maybe Lane at 2pm ET and Catherwood at 2:30pm ET? Or have Catherwood during the 2pm ET on one or two weekdays instead of just the Lane episodes?