Saturday, June 11, 2016

Betty and the truth

Buzzr has sent out a press release to hop on board the train with ABC's To Tell the Truth.

The oldies diginet will run a TTTT marathon on Sunday, June 12. Betty White will be the star, as you might expect from her role on ABC's new version. But the real treat of the marathon will be the TTTT pilot episode - never before seen on television - with Mike Wallace as the host.

The producers called the pilot Nothing But the Truth, and it runs at 8:00 PM Eastern. Taped in 1956, the pilot has spawned umpteen versions of the show over the decades. To Tell the Truth was famously Mark Goodson's favorite format, which has always surprised me a little. The questioning on TTTT does tend to wander, as the panelists go off on their own tangents. But the show has endured (off and on) for sixty years, so somebody out there likes it.

Buzzr will also probably try to take advantage of ABC's new version of Match Game, though the diginet already makes heavy use of the Gene Rayburn classic. Sadly, Buzzr can't do much with ABC's Pyramid remake. It's not a Fremantle format.


  1. i googled it & i can find no definition of the word "diginet"

    1. Maybe you need better Google skills. Try this link for a sample...

      There are plenty of other stories on the web about Buzzr and other diginets.