Saturday, June 18, 2016

Another game night

ABC isn't the only outfit doing a game night this summer.

NCTV17, a community TV station in Chicagoland, knocked off Hollywood Game Night for a second time this week. The show is called Game On, and it features the familiar teams of four battling it out in silly party games. NCTV17 has posted a story about the effort, with a few glimpses of the gameplay.

The idea is to raise money for the station, and Game On is apparently working out okay. At least they'll try a third edition in September. I've posted about the low-rent show before, and the stripped-down set still has a certain cheesy charm. The counterpart to Jane Lynch is host Danielle Tufano, a DJ on a local FM classics hits station. (The Wikipedia article says she doubles as program director at the radio outlet.)

I was a little surprised when NBC announced a fifth season of the original Hollywood Game Night. The ratings for the fourth go-round tapered off to near invisibility. But I guess it's cheap filler for the peacock net's (Variety speak!) schedule.

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