Sunday, June 5, 2016

An exec quits

Game Show Newsnet has made a big deal about Steve Mosko stepping down as the main honcho at Sony Pictures Television.

No doubt SPT is a big player in our little genre. See Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. But there's no evidence that Mosko had any real involvement with game shows, so I doubt that his departure will mean much at all to the productions.

Mosko did make a maybe unintentionally relevant comment in his "exit interview" with the media. "Television tends to be somewhat the stepchild of the industry and it is what it is. The Hollywood machine is built around big movies and that's great. Television is this little bit blue-collar's the working side of the business."

In fact, Wheel and Jeopardy are the working side of Sony Pictures Television. They're the cash cows that crank out big and reliable money year after year. Meanwhile, it's the showy prestige projects like Breaking Bad - which Mosko singles out for praise in the interview - that lend glamour to SPT.

Mosko does get credit for not dumping on Sony as he leaves. He does not seem to be that notorious creature, the disgruntled former employee.

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