Friday, June 17, 2016


Nick nineties nostalgia exploded out of control a while back, and nobody's been able to get it back under wraps yet.

The latest blast from the '90s past was a one-day shot at the Aggro Crag from Guts. Nick brought the fabricated mountain out of mothballs (or wherever you store a fabricated mountain) for New York City millennials to try the perilous climb. A few brave souls went at the Crag, much to the delight of an onlooking Uproxx writer.

She noted the extensive product placement - also a Nick tradition - and the heavy air of rosy nostalgia. The Aggro Crag proved a tough go for the challengers. "Even with most competitors at least a decade older than they would have been on the original game show, people still had plenty of trouble reaching the top."

The Crag was never supposed to be easy. Mike O'Malley and Mo Quirk weren't around, but you can't recreate the past exactly.

UPDATE: A commenter notes that Mike O'Malley actually showed up for the festivities. I stand corrected!


  1. Actually, Mike was there. There's a NY Times video article on YouTube where they talk briefly with him before the reporter makes the climb.