Friday, May 20, 2016

What a good show!

In a little noticed change, GSN switched out reruns of Whammy at 11:00 AM for reruns of Lingo. Which gave me the first chance in quite a while to watch Chuck Woolery and the five-letter puzzles on a TV screen. And what a good show Lingo was.

When I was in the habit of putting together top ten lists of game shows, I'd often include GSN's original Lingo. Not that I didn't like the Bill Engvall reboot - which was unfairly maligned, in my opinion - but the original was just about perfect. The format had everything you could want in a game show. Clever gameplay, a quick pace, lots of play-along value, an assured and competent host, even some touches of humor. What's not to like?

Woolery's GSN version was so good that even a few posters at Game Show Forum - not given to praising any show with less than three decades on it - have favored it over the 1987 original. Of course, GSN's version was a tremendous improvement over that slow, clunky first incarnation of Lingo with Michael Reagan. But it's still almost treasonous on the oldies board to end all oldies boards to favor such a recent version of any game show. (Sure, other posters on the board have disagreed with this heresy. But it's telling that anybody at Game Show Forum would dare to prefer a version with relatively little age on it.)

Strangely enough, one of the few real controversies about the show erupted over the female co-hosts. The Lingo eps currently running on GSN feature Shandi Finnessey. I don't mind the eye candy she provides, plus the bookkeeping chores she handles for Chuck. On the famous other hand, my wife wishes she would shut up and go away. Even the best shows can't please everybody about everything.


  1. I am very satisfied with the Whammy! to Lingo change. I can only say I have seen Lingo once-for an hour one day-out of the three weeks it has been back in reruns so far.

    I'm sure Whammy! is not gone forever

  2. I've deleted a couple of spam comments demanding soap opera ratings (huh?) from this post and one other post.

  3. Casey, I was told today (but I cannot reveal the source) that the classics block on GSN will be now known as "BUZZR on GSN", reflecting a new partnership between the two. It will still be 8:00am to 10:00am but may grow if ratings allow. Full credits without crunches, just as they appear on Buzzr, will be intact during this block. Expect an announcement very soon, with this possibly starting at the beginning of July. A definite way for those to see Buzzr who do not have it.

    1. ^^ Not me. Read the tweet: