Sunday, May 1, 2016


Just to be upfront about it, this entry contains Family Feud spoilers. So don't read any further if you don't want to be spoiled.

A faux tweet mentioned the Hare family of the Louisville area. Actually, they're from Oldham county, which Wikipedia says is the wealthiest county in Kentucky and in the top 50 nationwide. The family's main claim to fame is their appearance on Family Feud, which the local media have chronicled. This story is a much longer and more detailed account of their time on the show than the link in the faux tweet.

That's all very nice. But both stories about the clan's Family Feud adventures say that they were on the show for three episodes: April 29, May 2 and May 3. Which, of course, is a major spoiler about the outcome of those eps. I assume the spoiler wouldn't have appeared without the show's consent. I've seen similar Feud spoilers over the years in other contestant stories.

I guess Feud's producers think the show's main appeal is comedy and Steve's general goofiness, not the outcome of the game. No doubt they're right, and Feud's ratings will hardly suffer from the released info that the Hares won two eps and then lost the third. Other shows guard their outcomes much more zealously, though even Wheel of Fortune has been known to leak the news about a million dollar winner or three.

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