Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Smart kids

I like to keep tabs on high school quiz shows around the country.

When I see a story about one of the shows in Google News, I'll often use it for a faux tweet. I figure that smart kids deserve a little notice. Jock kids get lots of notice, after all. Of course, more people pay to watch the athletes do their stuff.

A couple of long-running high school quizzers are nearing the end of their current seasons. High School Quiz Show (yeah, it's a boring title) in Massachusetts and High-Q (a little more inventive title) in Georgia are wrapping things up. This story recounts the High-Q season finale and even has a bit of video of the deciding question. If I say so myself, I think I got the question right, but the video stops before the reveal.

Nobody gets rich off these quizzers, though sometimes there's decent scholarship money at stake. It's mostly pure love of the game, which is nice for a change.

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