Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Richard the jerk

A faux tweet linked to a WGN podcast from Nick Digilio that rambles through a discussion of various old game shows.

The main topic is the stupid parting gifts that losers got. But Nick and company range over a wide variety of classic game show arcana. In particular, Digilio dumps on Richard Dawson for being a jerk on Match Game after he got the host gig on Family Feud.

I've done some of that dumping myself over the years. There's no doubt that Dawson was visibly and audibly sour during his last three years on Match Game. But you gotta remember that Dawson's schedule was getting crowded with Feud romping as the number one game show. Match Game must have seemed like more and more of a chore to him, and nobody likes to do chores.

The podcast also rips the old Wheel of Fortune for spending so much time on shopping for silly overpriced merchandise. At least the show has cut out that nonsense now, much to everybody's relief. There's also the standard complaint that Buzzr repeats episodes too much. Well, as another faux tweet noted, the subchannel will run some "new" eps of Monty Hall's Let's Make a Deal next month.

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