Monday, May 9, 2016

Reg Grundy 1923-2016

Australian media mogul Reg Grundy has died at age 92. As the linked story from the Sydney Morning Herald says, he was famous in Oz for importing U.S. game shows and making them successful, like Wheel of Fortune and Match Game. He also produced a couple of memorable shows here, Scrabble and $ale of the Century.

Grundy churned out many soap operas and other dramas. The screenshot is a reminder that he had a passion for wildlife photography, which Australia's fauna help to gratify. He lived his later years in Bermuda, where he died on Friday. He won an OBE for his media career.

Reg Grundy sold his production company and its various properties to Fremantle. Many have long wondered when Scrabble might show up in reruns after USA Network ran repeats from 1991 to 1995. I guess that one of these days the show could surface on Buzzr. With the recent spate of game show revivals, the classic word game might also be an interesting candidate for a new version.

The oddest note is that Reg Grundy's name has become Aussie rhyming slang for underpants. He probably appreciated the humor. R.I.P.

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