Wednesday, May 4, 2016

O Canada

One of the weirder stories in game show history looks to be nearing an end. You might say our long Canadian national nightmare is almost least for Jeopardy.

Earlier this year Jeopardy closed its online test to Canadian citizens. Nobody ever really explained the move all that closely. There was some muttering about Canada's online privacy law. But fear not, the show seems to have figured out a way to comply with the law and avoid those $10 million fines. None other than Alex Trebek now says that Jeopardy will reopen the online doors to the great white north later this year.

I wasn't losing any sleep over the rumpus. And that's not just because I live about as far away from Canada as you can get in the lower 48. Sooner or later I thought sanity would prevail and Canadians would rejoin the answer and question fest. By the way, Alex is now the honorary head of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. Maybe he passed an online test about the Yukon.

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