Thursday, May 12, 2016

Not idiotic

Happened to see a note that Ben Gleib of GSN's Idiotest is taking his standup act to Vancouver.

Which reminded me that my last comment about Idiotest was a pretty sour one. I whined about GSN trying a Political Idiotest special that bombed horrendously in the ratings. Meanwhile, the network has dumped a couple of my favorite shows, The Chase and Chain Reaction, even though they got very good total viewer numbers.

So I just want to say that I don't mind plain old Idiotest all that much. It's not my fave of all time from GSN, but at least it's a game show. I should encourage the network when they try one of those things instead of reality skeins with naked girls and RuPaul.

Also, regular Idiotest is getting okay numbers if not spectacular ones. The latest two original runs on GSN got 346K and 333K viewers. That's below the network's prime time average but not awful. And the demos were fairly young by GSN's geriatric standards. (I could insert a rant against ageism here but I won't.)

Ben Gleib is a little acerbic as a game show host for my taste, but he's certainly competent and witty. He's kept Idiotest going on GSN for quite a while now.

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