Friday, May 6, 2016

No redeeming social value

Fantasies about dystopian game shows have been around for a while.

The Urfaust (warning: highfalutin reference) of the sub-genre is probably Running Man. Richard Dawson played a wildly over the top version of, well, Richard Dawson in a campily evil game show that offered much picturesque killing. Richard finally got what was coming to him. But it was all so stylish.

The latest entry in this lovely category is HIT TV. Sadly, the host of the literally killer game show has been reduced to a pair of purple-red and presumably female lips on a TV screen. She (or they) encourage contestants in the audience to kill each other for thousand of "love points." There's even a bonus round for extra special homicides. Hard to believe, but some folks do what the lips want them to do.

The result is the usual fake blood splatter and high phony corpse count. It's tough not to laugh at it all, but I resisted because I knew the creators of this kitsch desperately wanted some chuckles. Those creators will try to parlay their concept - currently limited to a twelve minute intro - into a feature film and even a TV show. As the linked article intones ominously, they want "to turn this 12-minute short into an empire."

Let's hope this empire never strikes back.

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