Thursday, May 19, 2016


Jezebel, the web site that puts the cat into catty, is upset over Jeopardy's latest celeb player stunt.

Over the years I've groused a lot about Jeopardy's sweeps stunts, so I can't really complain when Jezebel joins in. But as you might expect, the meow-ing site gets personal with the catcalls (sorry). Under the title "Celebrities Should Not Play Jeopardy," one of Jezebel's more feline critics - and that's saying something - dumps on Anderson Cooper, Lara Logan and Michael Steele for their less than stellar gameplay.

The odd thing is that the critic undermines her own thesis by praising another set of celeb players - Chuck Todd, S.E. Cupp and Jonathan Franzen - for their good gameplay. So I guess her real position is: "Celebrities Who Are Bad At Jeopardy Should Not Play Jeopardy." I can agree with that. But then civvies who are bad at Jeopardy shouldn't play the game, either.

As I've written a zillion times, the only Jeopardy stunt that means much is the Tournament of Champions. But when the show tries for a few extra ratings tenths with some celeb contestants, I can live with it. Sure, some of the celebs won't do so great at the game. But you can say the same about lots of other contestants who have tried the tough format.

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