Saturday, May 7, 2016

Good news

We all need a break from bad news, right? So a California Patch site offers a long list of supposedly uplifting stories from the latest week.

At the top of the list, believe it or not, is a contestant story from The Price is Right. A high school teacher named Crystal Rienick took home a pile of loot from Drew and company. The story offers the usual contestant recall of the TPiR experience.
I don't remember much once they called me to "Come on Down!" It was just a haze of jumping up and down and squealing. I was pretty embarrassed once I saw the actual episode — I pretty much lost my mind.
Crystal, the folks at the show want you to lose your mind. It makes for good TV. The story isn't all fun and games, though. The teacher recounts how she will have to sell some of the goodies. California is hitting her with a 39 percent prize-winning tax. I knew California taxes were steep but this is alarming.

In a curiously related note, another item on the list of allegedly good news describes California governor Jerry Brown dissing Florida governor Rick Scott. Seems that the Florida guv is trying to lure businesses with the Sunshine State's lower taxes. Tell Crystal about it.

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