Monday, May 23, 2016

Get real, as in reality TV

Just watched the first of The Price is Right's prime time specials. It was one long plug for Survivor, which I didn't mind because the basic gameplay was pretty much the same as always. We just had a bunch of castaways hanging around, plus Jeff Probst doing stuff like extinguishing torches for the unluckier contestants.

Survivor stars - I guess you would call them "stars," right? - teamed up with Survivor fans to face the pricing games. The first pair was that hairy Rupert guy, who's definitely developing a bald spot, and an admiring fan. They didn't do so great, but you can't win 'em all.

The show cranked on as usual, though the prizes might have been a bit ritzier than on your typical daytime TPiR episode. I've never been big on shopping game shows because my knowledge of the price of anything is very limited. But the accustomed pace and noise and celebrations kept my interest.

CBS did the special no favors by scheduling it against The Voice and Dancing With the Stars. But even if I'm not the biggest TPiR fan, I'd rather watch the fun and games instead of wannabe singers or wannabe dancers. What can I tell you? I'm a game show fan.

UPDATE: The special does okay in the ratings, though it obviously lagged behind the competition on NBC and ABC. Drew and company scored 6.21M total viewers with a 1.3 18-49 rating. Those were CBS's best numbers for the night.


  1. It was a great episode I know ratings won't be great but I'd give it right around a 2.0 maybe lower with also The Voice & Dancing With The Stars likely getting better ratings but ratings should be better for tomorrow & Wednesday

  2. I think ratings will be good for Tuesday and Wednesday. It has no real competition unlike last night when it was up against both Voice and Dancing.

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  3. Ratings were 1.3 over 6 million viewers for TPIR Survivor Special it did better than the Gotham season finale which was 1.2