Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fill in the blank application

A lot of stuff from various game shows finds its way into my inbox. For some bizarre reason people in the business seem to think that I have a little influence in the game show world. To feed my ego, I try to maintain this silly fiction as best I can.

So I was flattered to see a blurb from ABC's new version of Match Game amid the usual pile of e-mails this morning. As I've written many times, the 1973-82 version of Match Game is my favorite game show ever and that includes everything. The ABC version is now casting contestants for tapings in mid to late June. While I'm still not sure about the sometimes irascible Alec Baldwin as host, I'm happy to forward the casting news to anybody who might be interested.

The casting site wants pictures and a video and all the normal info. You can't be in the business, you can't have a criminal record, you can't have a temporary restraining order against you, you can't be from Mars, etc. You should also try to be in New York sometime in the second half of next month because that's when and where the cameras will be rolling. If you can get ready to match the stars - R.I.P. Johnny Olson - the application form awaits.

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