Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cover me

You ain't nobody - I should know - until you're on the cover of People magazine. I can only dream about the possibility.

This week Steve Harvey of Family Feud and a zillion other media ventures takes his turn as cover boy for the checkout counter. It's a slightly updated Horatio Alger rags to riches saga, as Steve recounts his journey from homelessness to a $100 million fortune. (Is that a rounded figure, or does he land dead on $100,000,000?) I'm happy for Steve, who deserves his money because he works a helluva lot harder than me or just about anybody else. But what I most noticed about the cover is the company Steve is keeping.

There's the murder of a fitness instructor in church. Sounds like an intriguing mystery that may well show up on Investigation Discovery sooner or later. Then Christie Teigen tells us about her new kid, which is sweet. And Bachelorette JoJo fesses up that she fell for more than one guy. Inquiring minds want to know the exact number. Was it two guys? Five guys? Every guy on the show?

Somebody once said that reading People is like being pelted with mini marshmallows. I can see the analogy. Anyway, you can pick up a copy this week and find out about Steve's ascent to the top income tax bracket.


  1. Non related, but the second TPIR special did decently in total viewers and the demo. 6.4 million and a 1.1 in the demo. While it was in 4th place demo wise, it was second in total viewers at 8 pm, behind The Voice recap.

  2. CBS - like some other networks as the country ages - tends to concentrate on the 25-54 demo. TPiR did a 1.6 in that demo, tied for a pretty close second behind The Voice.

    All the numbers are in the sidebar for a lot of cable and broadcast game shows on Tuesday night. The sources are Showbuzz and Programming Insider.

  3. I wonder if CBS will attempt LMAD in primetime.