Saturday, May 28, 2016

Buzzy buzz

As must happen to all Jeopardy champs, Buzzy Cohen met his game show maker on Friday.

He has the consolation of nine wins, 165 grand in winnings, and a berth in the next T of C. So let's not feel too sorry for Mr. Cohen. Meanwhile, Game Show Newsnet opines about Buzzy: "WHY THE (BLEEP!) IS THIS NEWS?!: Honestly, can we go one superchamp without calling him 'controversial' or 'polarizing'? It's ANNOYING."

In fact, I think Game Show Newsnet's overuse of the caps lock key is pretty annoying itself. But plenty of noncontroversial "superchamps" have come and gone on Jeopardy. Julia Collins, Ben Ingram, Roger Craig, etc.

The difference is that the noncontroversial types just play the game, stay quiet and humble, and don't try to taunt Alex or otherwise get cute. Which is the exact opposite of how champs like Buzzy and Arthur Chu approach the show. (Not to mention Chu's subsequent political rants on the web, which are naturally and rightly going to bring disagreement.)

If you want to bend the Jeopardy format with goofy acts of random sauciness, fine. The show is not sacrosanct and can survive a little shaking-up. But then you've got to expect some jeers on the game show Interwebs. Buzzy doesn't seem to care, anyway.

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