Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bravo kills for that?

Bravo is developing a game show, which seems a little strange to me. I've never associated the home of pop culture and reality TV with our little genre. But the network says they're working on a game show called I'd Kill for That. The concept may or may not sound like a killer to you...
Double Dare meets Dolce & Gabbana and Wipeout meets Wang in this physical game show that tests how far you would go to win a Birkin bag, Louboutins worn by a coveted Bravolebrity or the latest 'it' watch. Each week, friends, co-workers and family members will compete against each other in a series of trivia, brain teasers and hilarious physical obstacles in hopes of winning an enviable object of their desire.
Looks like pop culture questions and goofball stunts are your ticket to the latest fashion accessories. There's no guarantee that the show will ever see the light of cable. But will contestants really get slimed or bounced off big balls? Just for a handbag or a watch? Seems like a tough road for not much payoff. But I was never all that interested in Birkin bags.

The network is also developing a lot of reality stuff (wow, what a surprise). For instance, "outspoken and no-nonsense infidelity expert Dr. Lisa Paz believes there is no such thing as monogamy and the cheater isn't always the villain." So Bravo is working on a show with the monogamy disbeliever Lisa. Can't wait.

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