Monday, May 16, 2016

Another day at the oldies board

Happened across a thread at what's left of what used to be Matt Ottinger's board. A poster gave a link to a BuzzerBlog rumor piece about a possible ABC Password revival.

Hey, there's always a chance. Password never dies - it's been revived umpteen times - and ABC seems really interested in old game show formats lately. But that's not what interested me most about the thread. Instead, I liked the usual dynamics on Game Show Forum.

The discussion rapidly ran off the rails into whining about the title the o.p. selected for the thread. Honest. People didn't like the teaser title and wanted something more descriptive. None other than Matt Ottinger himself offered some criticism of the dastardly title. (Matt then noted that he doesn't run the place any more. It is the board formerly known as Matt Ottinger's.)

Besides the inevitable grousing - the board specializes in it, after all - there was also the required swipe at a modern version of Password...the one posted on YouTube by Buzzr about a year ago. In fact, this version was very watchable. It respected the format while speeding up the gameplay. Buzzr's Password attracted a lot of views and likes. For instance, the video shown in the screenshot has drawn 86,640 views, 1,143 likes and only 25 dislikes at last count. Not to mention that Buzzr's videos compiled a retention rate of 70%, almost unheard of for YouTube. Pretty good, no?

But this is Game Show Forum, the oldies board that leads with a photo of a gentleman who last hosted a game show three decades ago.

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