Sunday, May 22, 2016

A try at the wheel

The Wheelmobile pulled into Wichita, KS and lots of wannabe Wheel of Fortune contestants turned out.

The Pat and Vanna of the tryouts are Marty Lublin and Meggan Kaiser. They run a low-tech version of the show - Meggan has to write the letters, not just touch the screens - to see who can figure out the puzzles. (At least Pat can't yell that Meggan just touches the letters and they light up for her!)

The wannabes are mostly true fans. "I've wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune, The Price Is Right – any game show – all my life. This is like pure bliss just being here." The video in the linked story does show lots of folks getting excited as the tryouts kick off. There's even a note about how one fan found her fiancĂ© through the Wheel Facebook app. Love blossoms through game shows. Ain't it grand?

The Wheelmobile will be in Wichita all weekend. Come one, come all.

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