Thursday, May 5, 2016

1000 and counting

Family Feud has sent out a press release touting Steve Harvey's 1000th episode, due May 25.

Things are tarted up a bit for the milestone. The prize money is fifty grand, and there's an unidentified and "very special" guest. Well, it can't be Richard Dawson. My money is on Michelle Obama for Steve's unfailing flattery of the current administration. But we'll see.

The traditionalist game show Interwebs often resound with complaints about Mr. Harvey and his version of the ancient format. At the board formerly known as Matt Ottinger's, no thread is official until somebody dumps on Phallic Feud, or whatever groaner pun occurs to the posters. This makes no difference in the real world, of course, where Steve's boffo ratings have won him a long and profitable stay on the show.

The off-color humor on Feud is as mild as a bleating lamb by current-day standards. But the traditionalist game show Interwebs have little use for the current day, after all. Needless to say but I'll say it anyway, Steve Harvey doesn't care about such silliness as he shows no signs of slowing down on the show. Congrats on such a major milestone.

UPDATE: In somewhat related news the lineups are out for Celebrity Family Feud this summer. Sure enough Game Show Forum is grousing that the celebs are nothing special and the show sucks yadda yadda. That board is not exactly Steve's fan club.

UPDATED UPDATE: A couple commenters point out that the 1000th ep originally ran March 22. I guess this is a repeat for May sweeps. Anyway, the congrats on the milestone still hold.


  1. That's an odd press release seeing as how this episode aired already on March 22 is not actually scheduled to air on May 25.

    I was there for the taping, it was a great atmosphere. The crew really is a big family down there in Atlanta, and it shows in their product.

  2. Not to spoil anything, but the Fast Money round from that episode is uploaded on Youtube.

  3. Didn't see the original run of the 1000th show, so maybe I'll watch the repeat. I'll also avoid any spoilers (wink).

  4. Can't believe it has been almost 6 years since Harvey took over. I was in 5th grade when he started. I think the show wraps up the season the week of May 16th-20th.

    Non related, but I like the crossover week for Price and Deal. Funny how people constantly complain about the sexual questions/answers on Feud, but I've seen past versions do that. Combs Feud did that. Even when Dawson returned in 1994, the answers were spiced up. Just turn it off if you don't like it.

    1. Well GSF doesn't get it, probably never will. But who cares what they think! Family Feud is awesome!

  5. Actually this episode originally aired on February 4.