Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The reality is right

CBS has released the names of the reality contestants appearing on The Price is Right's prime time specials May 23-25.

The three reality shows are lined up this way on the TPiR specials: Survivor, Big Brother and Amazing Race. The host of each show will also turn up as part of the fun and frivolity. I'd like to tell you a bunch of fascinating stories about the various contestants, but I have very little idea who they are. I'm just not much of a reality TV fan. But the idea is to get true-blue reality fanatics to sample a game show for a change.

I do recognize James Huling in the screenshot of the Big Brother housemates. He took a turn on Easiest Game Show Ever, the little-watched Pop effort. James was only so-so at pop culture trivia. We'll see how he does on pricing games.

It's a nice way for CBS to plug its daytime game show behemoth and its prime time reality stalwarts. All these shows have been on forever, so a little crossover action can't hurt.

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