Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Teachers and power people

All those eps that Jeopardy taped in D.C. are about to show up on the screen, just in time for May sweeps.

First is the teachers tourney starting May 2. The main point of this exercise, besides plugging Sony's deep love for educators everywhere, is to pick an entrant for the tournament of champions, the only Jeopardy stunt that means much.

Next is the power players week beginning May 16. Some of these power folks don't look all that almighty to me. There are some comedians, for instance, both in and out of politics. But the names may attract a few extra viewers.

In unrelated Jeopardy news, a much-hyped contestant named Jerry Vinokurov sadly faltered on his first (and only) episode. Jerry had compiled a sensational record in Quizbowl competitions, but as the posters on point out, Alex's quizzer is a different animal.

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  1. The teen tourney also taped in DC last week, but won't be airing until the Fall, most likely to kick off season 33 on 9/12-9/23