Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sports Jeopardy lives on

Guess I should learn not to listen to rumors on the game show Interwebs.

A while back I posted that Sports Jeopardy was heading for the showers, as reported in a podcast from an Internet pundit. Turns out that the show has found a new home on NBCSN, the peacock net's (Variety speak!) cable channel for sports of various sorts. The announcement comes from Crackle's upfront presentation. NBCSN will also have access to Crackle's current library of Sports Jeopardy episodes.

It's not clear if any new eps of the show will get produced for Crackle after the move to the sports cable network. Maybe that's how the rumor of the show's demise got started. Sports Jeopardy will debut on NBCSN during the summer Olympics in August. Then it will return in the fall on Wednesday nights after the network's coverage of the NHL.

It's always nice to see a show in our little genre escape the ax. The quizzer is probably better suited to a sports cable outlet than to a general Internet streaming service, anyway. Here's hoping that Dan Patrick and friends enjoy their new digs at NBCSN.


  1. At least Sports Jeopardy is on a channel now. Maybe Sports Jeopardy will do well on NBCSN.

    1. If they move it to late night like they say they are ratings won't be that good late night

    2. True. It would fit as a nightly show.

    3. NBCSN doesn't usually get huge ratings, anyway. So it's not like Sports Jeopardy has to pull big numbers to survive on the network.

    4. If it they had it late in the afternoon I'm sure ratings wouldn't be too bad but late night not so much once they do show it I'm DVRing every episode

  2. Good news. I'm a Dan Patrick fan and even though professional baseball is about the only sport I keep up with, I enjoyed Sports Jeopardy. Dan's radio program is simulcast on NBCSN so this is a great home for Sports Jeopardy.