Thursday, April 28, 2016

Renewing the world

In what has become a stylized annual ritual, CBS has renewed its entire daytime lineup, including game show stalwarts The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal.

About the only variation this year is Not Safe for Daytime, "an edgy new series of digital videos on its YouTube channel that highlights and promotes CBS Daytime's popular programs." So far the channel has produced seven videos, including this parody of a Carl's Jr. hamburger ad. I'm sorry to report that the parody features a soap star - and not Drew Carey - taking off his shirt. But sooner or later Drew will probably show up in one of the videos (with his shirt on, most likely).

LMAD and TPiR are up slightly from last year in total viewers, so both shows may well be around forever and ever, or at least for quite a while. Kind of hard to believe that Wayne has been doing his show for seven years now, and Drew for nine years. Time flies when you're having decent ratings.

The soaps and the talker also got renewals. They keep sudsing and chatting along, too.

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