Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ratings: blah week for syndies

The week of April 4-10 was a forgettable muddle for game shows. Not terrible, just a flat to down week. TV News Check has the mediocre household ratings...

Wheel of Fortune 6.6 - down a tick but takes the top slot
Family Feud 6.4 - down three ticks
Jeopardy 6.1 - also down three ticks in its now accustomed #3 slot
Celebrity Name Game 1.4 - flat but out of the basement
Millionaire 1.3 - flat

Speaking of blah weeks, GSN fell out of the top thirty in total day for the week of April 11-17. But the news wasn't all that bad. 433K/298K/428K viewers prime time/total day/extended prime time. The network ranked 37th, 33rd and 35th in the windows.

After a kind of okay start Separation Anxiety has hit the Nielsen skids. The show began with 900K+ viewers, not very good by TBS standards but maybe acceptable. Now the show has tumbled to 300K viewers or so. Either Separation Anxiety does a lot better real fast, or it will get separated from the TBS schedule.

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  1. They added a new reality show at 9:30 on TBS Tuesdays, so that might be killing SA. Looks like another game show flop for TBS. Trust Me I'm A Game Show Host did better compared to this show. CNG is out of last place, so that's good. I hope Ferguson wins a second Emmy. He really deserves it.