Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Playing around

Logo isn't exactly my favorite cable channel, which gives me something in common with many other TV watchers. Last week the network got an average of 60K viewers in prime time. That ranked it 90th out of 97 cable nets. Logo did beat the soon to be defunct Al Jazeera America, which finished 97th out of 97. But Logo just launched Gay For Play Game Show, so I did my blogger duty and watched the debut episode.

Long story short, it's a pop culture quizzer with the vibe you would expect from Logo, if you watched the network. The normal set-up is a couple of civvies answering the questions, while a panel of six celebs - arranged in Match Game fashion, maybe intentionally - helps them with the goofy quizzer. On the debut ep the "civvies" were Rebecca Romijn (co-star with the show's host RuPaul on GSN's Skin Wars) and her husband Jerry O'Connell. Don't worry, they were playing for real civvie viewers at home.

Everybody seemed intent on laughing a lot, even when the jokes weren't all that funny. They finally got to a 69-second bonus round - the innuendo on this show is not subtle - and one of the at-home civvies eventually won some stuff.

By Logo standards the show got really good numbers. The two eps drew 183K and 137K viewers, which is a lot better than the 60K average.

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  1. Idiotest did decently in its return last night. 397k at 10 pm and 358k at 10:30. Both episodes had a 0.09 in the demo.