Friday, April 29, 2016

Our friendly competitor

Mike Brannen, an exec producer on an Albuquerque morning TV news show, copped $117,500 on Wheel of Fortune last night.

Congrats to Mike for the big win, but here's the thing. He works for KOB, the local NBC affiliate in Albuquerque. And Wheel of Fortune runs on KRQE, the CBS affiliate. So the folks at Mike's station were in the strange position of plugging a show on their crosstown competitor. They did their duty by Mike nonetheless. After all, it had to be the biggest thing to happen around KOB in quite a while.

I guess Mike only got onto the show because he didn't work for a TV station that carries Wheel. Otherwise, hints of a fix would have been too obvious in an industry still haunted by all that unpleasantness back in the 1950s.

By the way, Mike Brannen had a viewing party with family members in Chicago and Wisconsin via FaceTime. "They were serving Vanna White Russians and Pat Sajak and Gingers." I'll drink to that.

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