Sunday, April 10, 2016

Not the Feud stuff again

The NY Post - home of the headless body in the topless bar - has posted the 4,156,783rd article about how TV has gone to the dogs (or some other animals).

For the most part the article relishes, er, condemns various violent scenes from the TV series you would expect. Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Scandal, etc. But there is an odd mention of Family Feud. Okay, it's not so odd. Steve Harvey's incarnation of Feud has long been the target of prudes who want to protect us from the word "vagina." Which is the word that upsets the NY Post writer.

I did have to smile when she called the Richard Dawson version of the show "wholesome." That's close. If Harvey ever tried the Kissing Bandit's shenanigans, he would get drubbed as a sexist pervert acting out rape fantasies. (I'm not kidding. That's exactly what the critics would say.) It just shows how the golden haze of nostalgia can make anything look wholesome and fresh and ever so lovely.

Truth be told, Dawson's obsessive smooches got some adverse comment before his version of Feud became a worshiped classic beyond any criticism. There always was a dirty old man aura about the spectacle, which Richard enjoyed a lot. He did have an eye for attractive contestants of the female persuasion.


  1. TV Today is better than ever. The NY Post is a tabloid rag that nobody takes seriously anyway.

    As you have said many times Casey, ignore the noise.

  2. Richard Dawson was better in 1994-95, bUT the show was not. He claimed he couldn't kiss females when he returned to hosting at the request of his daughter Shannon Nicole, but I think it was more of a cover-up, as Standards & Practices had likely changed, forbidding his behavior which constitutes as sexual harassment, and that reason was likely supposed to be kept confidential.

    This is why i prefer Ray Combs over Richard Dawson any day. At least Ray Combs was clean and user-friendly. It's a shame he didn't got the respect he deserved in revent years. I never cared for the other Feud hosts. though.

    1. Recent, not revent. At the moment, I was using my tablet.