Monday, April 11, 2016

My first hour with Buzzr

As an update to a previous post noted, my cable provider has suddenly seen fit to carry Buzzr, the game show oldies diginet.

So I sat down for my first sixty minutes with the subchannel. Right upfront I'll admit that I probably didn't pick the best show to start my Life With Buzzr. Double Dare - not the long-lived, very entertaining kid show - was an earnest, plodding quizzer with a ten-ton rulebook. It lasted for a few months in 1976-77 and is mostly remembered for the hirsute, prehistoric version of host Alex Trebek.

Still, Fremantle owns the rights and apparently enough viewers like the show to keep it around Buzzr on Sunday nights. So I took in a couple eps and kept thinking that the isolation booths came from Twenty One, minus the rigging.

But enough of the so-so quizzer. I was mainly interested in the Buzzr ambiance. Which seemed to consist of the lowest-rent ads imaginable, along with mildly amusing promos that stitched together various bits of ancient game shows. At least Buzzr can sell ad time to somebody, and the uniformly cheesy ads did lend a certain icky charm to the proceedings.

I also noticed that Buzzr included all the fee plugs and end-of-show promos - stay tuned for Love of Life! - which enchant the hardcore oldies fans. No doubt about it, the diginet truly is a time capsule experience. Just ask Alex's hair.

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