Saturday, April 16, 2016

Local color

Not every game show gets ten million viewers, like Wheel of Fortune on a good day. Some shows just poke along with a few regulars watching local cable.

Case in point: restaurant owner Galon Barlow hosts a local phone-in quizzer called What Do You Know in Bourne, MA. Galon also dabbles in local politics. His show has been running twice a month on cable for nearly nine years. Prize money is not huge. The top caller to the show wins $20. There's also a Groucho-style secret word that doles out a small prize, like an Amazon gift card.

The show gets trivia questions from here, there and everywhere. A favorite source is old family board games that show up at Dorothy's Swap Shop in Bourne. The show's co-host, Pauline Sampson, says she sometimes gets questions stuck under her door.

What Do You Know has now compiled 200 episodes. It's even gone on the road. Okay, "the road" means an annual trip to New Bedford for that town's waterfront festival. Not exactly Jeopardy's journey to Washington, DC. But this is local cable, after all.


  1. Why not upload all the episodes to YouTube? They could generate a little money for them and might just take off and be a hit.

  2. The show isn't on YouTube, but you can see an interview with host Galon Barlow here...