Friday, April 15, 2016

Kirk's secrets

With the endless yearning for Legends of the Hidden Temple, I figured it was only a matter of time before People magazine got into the nostalgia act.

Sure enough, People has posted an interview with Kirk Fogg about the show and the upcoming TV movie on Nick. We learn a few interesting things, like Kirk never copped many souvenirs from the show because Legends got the ax while it was on hiatus. He does have the blue denim shirt, though. Also, a lot of those scary temple guards were really producers and writers on the show. "Everybody got a chance at being a temple guard. I didn't!" Well, somebody has to be the host, Kirk.

He also reveals that his favorite team was the silver snakes. No real reason. "They were next to me at the gong, where I was doing the play-by-play. They were the first ones to come over. But I'm telling you, they were kind of rag-tag. They always seemed a little disheveled and their hair wasn't quite right and their shirts were kind of untucked." Oh, those silly snakes.

If you wonder what Kirk Fogg has been doing all these years, he's kept busy flipping houses. I guess the real estate market has healed enough to make the flips profitable.

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