Friday, April 8, 2016

Jeopardy in DC

Jeopardy goes to Washington in a political year. Somehow it seems fitting. At least the people in D.C. are waiting with interest. Tickets for all the tapings are long gone, though a local morning show will raffle off a few this week.

The venerable answer-and-question epic will tape the power player eps on Saturday, the teachers tournament Sunday, and the teen tournament Tuesday and Wednesday. As the screenshot shows, they've started making over the DAR Constitution Hall for Alex and friends. The stage already looks pretty impressive.

In the past I've grumped about all the Jeopardy stunts. Except for the tournament of champions, I doubt that any of the stunts really means much. But it's a way to vary the usual routine, and going on the road lets more fans into the studio audience, anyway.

There's another story out of D.C. with a game show angle, and it's a really odd one. The former exec producer of Cash Cab is agitating for a ban on leaf blowers in the area. I guess everybody has to have a cause.


  1. Big question though---how come Jeopardy can go on the road, yet Wheel is stuck in Culver City this season because of apparent budget issues?

  2. It's hard to believe that Wheel could have any kind of budget issues, much less severe enough issues to keep it from going on location. My guess is that we'll see some location tapings in the future.

  3. I was at the taping for the last episode of Power Players Week four years ago. It was an incredible experience. Fast-forward to yesterday, and once again, I got to see the final Power Players Week episode. Only difference (aside from the freezing-cold weather this time around) was I got seated near the front row. On top of that, I got to see an enjoyable practice round, an entertaining live taping, and ask Alex a question. All in all, a fantastic time that I look forward to doing again (whether it be next year or in the next four years).