Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Host and hypnotist

Fox has named the key people for its upcoming hypnotism game show You're Back in the Room.

At least that's the working title. They may have another moniker by the time the show begins production in July. Maybe they'll call it The Taye and Keith Show. Just kidding, though the host will be actor Taye Diggs and the professional hypnotist will be Keith Barry from the UK's original version.

The format has already expanded to France, Holland and Australia and is under option in a slew of other countries. There seems to be a crying need for hypnotism stunts around the world. I noticed a few funny stories from Australia about how the show bombed on Twitter but still somehow got great ratings. As if Twitter means a twit.

I have no clue how the show will fare in the U.S., though some of the clips I've seen on YouTube are kind of cute. The appeal is basically slapstick, as we watch the silly things contestants do under post-hypnotic suggestions. That is, if they're really hypnotized in the first place. There's been a little controversy about that.

Fox has ordered eight eps. No debut date yet.

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