Monday, April 25, 2016

Higher lower

As a faux tweet noted, today Buzzr is launching a to-do over the Bob Eubanks version of Card Sharks.

The biggest news is that the diginet - often slammed for repeating the same game show episodes ad nauseam and ad other places - will dust off 50 "new" eps of Card Sharks over the next few weeks. Bob Eubanks will also do a twitter q-and-a session with fans of the game show oldies subchannel.

I might as well confess that Card Sharks, in whatever version, has always bored me. Acey-deucey seems like the dumbest card game this side of Go Fish. The game doesn't get any more appealing when it's tricked out with TV trappings and lots of prize money.

But who cares about my opinion? Card Sharks survived through several versions and a lot of seasons, so somebody out there liked it. And with the recent spate of game show revivals, it's not wildly out of the question that we'll again see the big cards getting dealt somewhere sometime.

For those who prefer the original Jim Perry version, fear not. GSN is still running it five times a week.


  1. Seems like all game shows bore you.

    1. No, but silly anonymous comments bore me no end.

    2. By the way, just to show how bored I am with game shows, I watched five of them today. Match Game and Pyramid on GSN, Super Password on Buzzr, Celebrity Name Game on the CW affiliate, and Jeopardy on the CBS duopoly station.

    3. Since the daytime Emmys are coming up, I've got Ferguson repeating for Best Game Show Host. Who do you have?

      I've sort of lost interest in Family Feud. The penis jokes and sexual humor or innuendo can get old after a while.

      With CBS bringing back Price in primetime after 8 years, you think this is due to the success of Celebrity Family Feud or this is CBS trying to get demos?

  2. 1) Don't care about the Daytime Emmys or any other showbiz self-congratulation.

    2) I'm tired of the same old complaints about Harvey Feud.

    3) CBS wants to plug a lot of shows with the TPiR specials.

  3. Sorry I don't have any new complaints about Feud to share... but I'm in the camp that finds it not worth my time. We all have games and formats we love and don't love, and sampling Dawson Feuds recently on Buzzr remind me that the game isn't that much fun to watch. The host is what makes it tolerable or not tolerable for me, and right or wrong, Dawson is the only guy who entertains me. Sucks to be old.

    As for Card Sharks, I don't mind it, and while some of the questions come off as dated, particularly when talking about women's lib on the Perry version, it has a decent play along factor. While I'm not itching to plan my late evening around Eubanks and the cards, it would have been nice if Buzzr had aired these "Card Sharks Week" shows during that casino time slot. The fact you can't watch them after 6 p.m. central time is ridiculous giving how much they've promoted them.