Saturday, April 30, 2016

Handle this

I've ranted about this before. But I never let repetition stand in the way of a good rant. Today I came across this comment on Game Show Paradise: "The only show I can handle on GSN as of lately is The $25,000 Pyramid, since I've gotten tired of so many airings of Eubanks' Card Sharks and Press Your Luck and I am hoping fresh episodes of fresh classics occur later this year."

So I dug out the GSN schedule for this week. These are the game shows that are running on the network: Match Game, Card Sharks (Eubanks), Press Your Luck, Card Sharks (Perry), 25K Pyramid, Whammy, Family Feud (Harvey), Family Feud (O'Hurley), Catch 21, Pyramid (GSN), Chain Reaction (Lane), Deal or No Deal, Newlywed Game (Sherri), Baggage, Idiotest, Chain Reaction (Catherwood), The Chase.

Now out of all that, the poster can find exactly one (1) show worth watching? I realize this particular poster is an oldies fan who regards every game show since 1990 as beneath notice and beneath contempt. But puhleeeeze.

This is why I have more than a sneaking suspicion that many self-proclaimed oldies fans don't really like game shows very much. What they do like is typing on the Internet that the genre in general and GSN in particular have gone to hell in a handbasket.


  1. And people who do that:

    1. Need to get a life
    2: Should STFU
    3: Don't really know about games shows, or television, or anything for that matter
    4: Should get off the internet
    5: Can kiss my ass because anyone with a brain knows that game shows have never been better than they are right now!

  2. I was the one who made such post on GSP, and I will tell you, despite that I am taking Mondays off through the end of July, I don'T watch GSN's morning lineup at this point. Until we see something fresh, my interest in GSN's morning lineup is virtually zero at least for now. Even The $25,000 Pyramid is not overly my favorite, though still watchable. For the time being, I will devote my TV time to TPIR while I am off on Mondays.

  3. And as for the comment claiming that I treat every game show after 1990 as beneath notice and beneath contempt, that is not true. I do enjoy watching The Price is Right on CBS even in first-run.