Monday, April 4, 2016

Cable nooks and crannies

I don't often get around to Discovery Family and Pop, two of the more obscure cable channels out there. In fact, my provider doesn't carry Pop at all, so I couldn't watch it if I wanted.

But as I scrounged through the Showbuzz cable ratings, I ran across Celebrity Name Game on Pop for March 31. Not that the rerun pulled massive numbers. Craig and friends only attracted 131K viewers, maybe okay by Pop's modest standards but hardly a huge audience. But the show is still holding down the 6:00 PM timeslot on the channel, so I guess Pop execs think it's not performing too badly.

Game Plane used to run on Discovery Family, but it looks to be grounded for good. Showbuzz provided a few numbers for the show early in the season last year, and the audience was nearly invisible. Now Mark Walberg and the Allegiant passengers are completely invisible on the network's schedule. Family Game Night still lives on Discovery Family in reruns, though. Todd Newton and the dueling clans get a throwaway morning weekday slot, but at least the show isn't gone altogether. Just don't look for any new episodes.

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