Thursday, April 7, 2016

Buzzr finances, again

Once again the board formerly known as Matt Ottinger's is chewing over Buzzr's finances.

One poster goes on at length about how poor little Buzzr can't afford to digitize and store all those game show eps. Sorry to point it out, but poor little Buzzr is a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, the media giant that had revenues of €17.1 billion (with a "b") last year. If they wanted to, Bertelsmann could digitize every game show ep in creation for a rounding error in their revenue.

The reason Buzzr runs a limited number of game show episodes is accounting. The diginet's parent can't just hand them every game show ep in the library with no "charge" on the internal books. Buzzr now pulls in about zero revenue, so they can't afford a lot of those charges without the books going way out of whack. Digitization and storage expenses – chump change for Bertelsmann - are not the biggies here. The media behemoth can write off those expenses as very minor startup costs.

The lengthy post also rips people who question Buzzr.
As someone who knows why Buzzr is doing what they're doing, and appreciates the heck out of a classic-game-show-rerun TV channel being a thing that even still exists in 2016, the last thing I care to see are a bunch of complaints and whining just because yes, they're rerunning that 1983 Child's Play episode again.
Sorry, but you're still going to hear complaints. On the Interwebs game show fans just love to complain. I love to do it, for instance.

UPDATE: A commenter notes that Time Warner Cable has picked up Buzzr in major markets. Sure enough, my local TWC system in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has Jim Perry hosting Sale of the Century as I type. It's in the nosebleed section on channel 1261, but it's there.

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  1. For the record, Time Warner's adding local BUZZR affiliates in the major markets. In Dallas, Zap2It has KDFI-DT3 listed as channel 1261.