Thursday, April 14, 2016

BuzzFeed, not Buzzr

Lots of buzzing in the game show world lately.

Now BuzzFeed, the Internet site that spawns a load of copyright lawsuits, plagiarism complaints, "unreliable" ratings in opinion polls, and racist and sexist discrimination allegations, wants to get into our little genre. (Yeah, I know the critical material comes from Wikipedia. But BuzzFeed has had a certain reputation for a while now.)

Anyway, the site's head honcho Jonah Peretti mused at a developer confab that an online game show might be just the ticket for BuzzFeed. I'm all for people trying game shows, but BuzzFeed?? I doubt that Wheel and Jeopardy have much to worry about.

Peretti also thought that he might try a reality show based on the thrilling happenings in BuzzFeed offices. This sounds like an even wackier idea. I can't imagine anything more gripping than a bunch of nerds at their monitors in a BuzzFeed location. See the screenshot for a typically stirring view.

If you detect heavy sarcasm in this post, you detect right. I'll believe The BuzzFeed Game Show when I see it.

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