Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ambush the drunks

MTV2 is trying Billy on the Street with a few changes. Their new show is more of an actual quizzer, the contestants are all millennials, a statuesque female co-host provides ample eye candy, and everybody is pretty smashed. The result is Binge Thinking, where barflies stumble out of bars and encounter Mac Lethal and Amber Diamond asking them tough which country did the U.S. declare its independence from.

One sloshed contestant answers "North of Nebraska," which is not correct. In fact, the show gets a lot of its humor from the truly stupid replies that buzzed people give to simple questions. Okay, some of the contestants do get a few of the queries right. I don't know if they're smarter or just a little more sober than their fellow street denizens. One girl (not the best contestant, I'm afraid) assures us that she's really smart because she's a math major. I was a math major myself, honey. It's no guarantee of intelligence, as my many critics can tell you.

For what it is - yet another street-level ambush show - Binge Thinking isn't so terrible. The highlight of the first episode is a game of charades, where a feeling-no-pain guy does some nice work to get his girlfriend to identify "Gymnastics" and "Sex Pistols," among other clues. Too bad he also stumbles over some stone steps, but he's been drinking, er, thinking.

Mac Lethal hosts with bemusement and Amber Diamond looks great, which is her job. The Philadelphia nighttime street scenery is nice enough, even if MTV2 has a rule against showing anybody over 30. Binge Thinking offers nothing new, but at least it moves along briskly at a half-hour length.

UPDATE: Binge Thinking passes out in the ratings. 70K total viewers and a 0.03 in 18-49. This binge won't last long.

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